Sounds From The Corner : Live #10 PMR

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Well, usually in producer notes I'm being wise ass and blabber too much, but i'm sure this one speaks for itself, so i decided to make this one short and simple. Four reasons why you should watch Pengantar Minum Racun:

• This is a history class for the millennial generation: Pengantar Minum Racun is the pioneer. Together with Pancaran Sinar Petromak, they plunged fresh comedy into Dangdut and stage performance. After PMR, younger successors Pemuda Harapan Bangsa and other bands continue the legacy.
• This, was truthfully the first time i see a man could play harmonica using an effing comb, hitting the right notes. It was dead funny, didn't even look like a joke anymore. No, you can't do that easily. Only Johnny Iskandar. Believe me.
• A normal evening in Borneo Beerhouse is full of "metalzone" and testosterone, but this was different. Pure fun; inked men and loyal fans were "conquered" by dangdut music, dancing voluntarily to the irresistible beat and super catchy lyrics. I could say the most fun gig in the venue, so far.
• The gig was so fun people begged them to play more and they played "judul-judulan" twice.

Enjoy! - Teguh Wicaksono