Sounds From The Corner : Session #1 Raisa

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It's not that hard for 22 years old Raisa Andriana to gain mass attention from the universe. She started it all simple; posting Youtube videos of her singing casual melodious tunes. But like other rocketing female musician, we all realized that precise pitch combined with beauteous imago and pleasant personality are the splendid recipe for instant fame.

Next thing we know, her home-craft video of Serba Salah (Raisa's first single) got hundred thousands hits on Youtube, exploded in social media and radio charts. She was latter spotted in TV ads and various kind of gig. Today Raisa is considered as Indonesia's hidden treasure. Indeed, one of the best young female soloist. Rumor flew, her voice singing live is exactly the same just like in the CD.

Taking place in Demajors store - Gandaria 1 57A South Jakarta - that evening future diva Raisa entered the venue with her friends, said hi to all the people with her gracious smile and sincerely stole the spotlight. @Raisa6690 - one of Rolling Stone Indonesia Young Guns of 2011- standing in the center and kickstarted the evening. With her four piece supporting musicians, Raisa bestowed an acoustic version of her high rotation singles: Serba Salah, Apalah Arti Menunggu and Could it Be.

Three song wrapped in one impressive performance. Stunning yet soothing. One thing we realized that night: the rumor about her voice is true. Enjoy! -TW

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