Sounds From The Corner : Session #2 Maliq & D'Essentials

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I still remember clearly back to my first encounter with Maliq & D' Essentials. It was 2005. I was sitting in my archaic car waiting for my ex-GF to come out from her house. I'm taking her to a Boyz II Men concert and Maliq's songs were played in my cassette player. That day, "Terdiam" was an obligatory song in local charts and "Untitled" was a well-kept treasure made to make girls hysterically scream wanting more. As far as i remember, there was nothing like Maliq's music in the radio at that time.

Somehow Maliq & D' Essentials managed to draw a silver line between edgy jazz composition and encase it with a friendly-educating arrangements. Today, Maliq & D' Essentials is a soul-jazz mogul headlining substantial gigs and noticed as a pioneer in their field. Three years ago, they establish Organics Records and The One Management, become the eldest next to other perky musicians such as Sir Dandy, Jemima, and Twenty First Night. Latest tidings on the label is the exciting release of Electro Fellows RNRM and New Wave myth The Upstairs.

In 2009 they released "Mata, Hati dan Telinga" which features "Pilihanku", a song that brought them into a whole new dimensions of music, broaden the horizon of their listeners and gave new loyal fans an offer they couldn't refuse. Not to be trapped in crafty values of Jazz, they shifted along and wrote fresh, consistent songs. A proper mixture of new perspective and a firm character.

Eight years since "1st", Maliq & D' Essentials is strong, compact and steady. Without leaving their idealism, they put a wondrous marks in the industry, opening the gate for a better understanding of soul and jazz, provide a path for flourishing new bands and keep promising one thing they believe since 2004: Music and Live Instrument Quality. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present you; Maliq & D' Essentials. -TW